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alfa contract migration

Hello society,

As we approach the launch of the sniper and begin building the framework for the DegenScore bot, we need to migrate to a new contract that adds a transfer tax between wallets, as well as no burn mechanism

This is impossible on the current contract due to it being renounced.

Why the change?

Well, as we’re almost 5 months old now, we need to begin building towards a long term model and this begins with eliminating loopholes that were initially overlooked, such as the fact our current model can be abused by transferring tokens and sharing a membership with zero cost.

We are also opting to eliminate the burn function of the contract as it is unnecessary for our model, and it’s much simpler to deal with the supply in a linear fashion, especially as we release more and more utilities that have supply-based requirements of differing tiers.

What to do?

Since our liquidity is still locked for > 2months, we need cooperation from holders to make a smooth and speedy transition to the next contract.

We urge everyone to send ALFA tokens to the deployer address within the specified timeframe:


We will move liquidity to the new contract by selling the tokens on the current one.

Timeframe to send the tokens: March 2nd 11:00 am PST to March 4th 11:00 am PST (48h)

Airdrop will happen on: March 4th

Tokens from new contract will be airdropped 1:1

Please be aware: tokens need to be sent within the timeframe in order to receive the airdrop. The old contract will be obsolete after this.

After liquidity unlocks on the current contract, we'll also move that over to the new contract.

We thank you for your cooperation and realize there is an element of trust involved here, but I think thus far we have earned that.

All current and future utility will be released as planned on the new contract.

Together we buidl

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