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AMA session 12.04.2022


Q: Can you go into more detail on is going to be a trading hub for solely alfa users. utilities that are going to be offered:

multi-coin sniper with checks (e.g. snipe all coins launched with 5+e of initial liquidity locked, no mint function, taxes under specified amounts etc) - being able to snipe all launches with tight legitimate checks with something as minor as .01e each becomes profitable very quickly

frontrunner (plug in a coin you want to watch on the trade dash, set instructions e.g. sell your coins if someone initiated a sell of >$x, works opposite also)

stop losses + take profits


Q: What kind of alfa will be shared?

Alpha from various gated communities that often require expensive ($10k+ for a single one) entry NFT’s

private trading groups

private NFT mint opportunities

private presale opportunities


Q: What other projects have you been apart of in the space?

This is my first project (lots of the callers can attest as i am new to marketing my own project and ask a bunch of questions)

Q: What would the process for other community members getting involved with the project? Should we just reach out to you directly. I'm sure lots of people here have a lot of legitimate experience that may help $alfa out

Any professional marketers would be incredibly useful on the team.

Beyond that, anybody who feels they have something to add can DM me directly and we can talk, i would absolutely love for the community to get engaged with the project more than just being a buyer

I couldn’t have done any of this without the people on the team already

Q: Whats your background, do you have any tech-related efucation or are you self taught?

Working on my CS degree online currently, self-taught primarily, background is astrophysics

Q: How many team members are there or is it just you dev?

@betaskem @HodlerZen @Deewatcher @chiefchad

They do the graphics, telegram set up, website maintenance and design, pretty much the lifeline for me as i do the coding

Q: Will any eth be required on our end for gas txs on the 1 click airdrop?

Yes, the bot takes care of all the interactions but gas is required

Q: Have you and the team brainstormed ideas as to how you monitize some of your tools to (potentially) feed its profits into things such as liquidity or marketing? If so, can you tell us about some of the ideas

Liquidity is the primary concern currently. it will market itself when everything is released

Q: Have you connected or pitched the alfa.spoofer utility to any projects or is there any interest for that from projects you know of?

Not yet, i don’t want to pitch anything until it’s released

Q: So if we take oz as an example, the limited supply obviously drives the price up, as will here more people want alfa price goes higher, most projects lower their % needed to actually use the product

what ar your thoughts on actually increasing the % needed to own as the project grows?

If the alfa is really that good (hoping), and people are making a lot of money from it


Yep that’s been a primary point of discussion in here, trying to figure out the sweet spot on the % needed to enter the chat and dapp. still trying to figure that out, but i want to find the balance between accessibility and proper exclusivity

Q: With all of the planned utilities, how are you going to manage development time between each one? Will it be evenly split or will you try to push out the airdrop bot/spoofer first since those are two of the more unique utilities of this project?

The first cluster of airdrops is my primary focus now that the chat has been launched

once those are released, the spoofer and duster will get done

and then next cluster of lesser-known airdrops and trading hub

I want to get the most profitable airdrop bots done asap to get people eligibility quickly

get the users free money from the bots and then give them the opportunities to maximize it even further with the Alfa chat

free money and then multiply the free money

Q: How are you doing buddy

good, thank you for asking

Q: How’s the community going so far


Q: What if to enter alpha chat the tokens required need to be staked or something and locked for the person to access

the bot in the periodically checks to ensure the user still has x amount of alfa in their wallet, they get kicked if not.

however, that is a good idea to stave off the people that enter, get all the alpha, then sell and then rinse and repeat

Q: Any timeframe target for the first bot ?

i really want to get the major L2’s and bridges done for the airdrop bot as those are most likely going to be $3k+ airdrops a piece

i check funding for most of the airdrops i scout and usually focus on the ones with high funding and high chance of thousand dollar airdrops

such as Uniswap and 1inch, i maximized those and made a lot

Q: As far as gating the access to tools, that’s such a tough problem to solve. To @lowcapquant ‘s point, from what I’ve seen in groups with a very high entry cost, you get diamond handed holders but the transaction volume dries up quickly as people get priced out of the alpha group and then don’t buy any, so if it’s just tax money funding the development that could be an issue for the project. Maybe a hybrid model where you either hold like >1% or you can hold less but then have to pay a monthly fee?

yeah i was thinking that also or a tier system varying from basic to more useful functions


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