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project updates 01.10.2023

New year, new opportunities

We have a lot in store for alfa.society in 2023. The crypto space is still on the rocks, but we have plenty of updates, catalysts, and new utility in the pipeline to allow us to maintain our upward trajectory.

The first alfa.airdropbot is a small taste of what is to come. Hopefully all of you have run the Arbitrum bot at least once to get your shot at one of the biggest potential airdrops that's been on the radar for some time.

We've just released our 2nd airdropbot (Metamask) available to use in our dApp

First please make sure to add Optimism and Arbitrum network in your wallet before running the bot. You can add them via

This bot runs batched swaps through the custom-made smart contract deployed on ETH, Arbitrum, and Optimism network last week.

The initial batch of transactions run on Ethereum and cost around $40 - this includes all gas for the multiple swaps.

The bot then bridges .025 from Ethereum to Arbitrum and performs batched swaps in the network.

Then bridges .0125 from Arbitrum to Optimism and does another batch of transactions there.

The batched transactions are routed through MetaMask who uses 0x as their swap aggregator to also get volume and activity eligibility for the MetaMask airdrop

$20-30 will remain on Arbitrum and $10-15 remains on Optimism after the bot finishes. This is intentional, as subsequent bots rolling out additional bots planned for release will complete the quest tasks on Arbitrum and Optimism, these funds left over from the current bot will be used to run the quest task bots without having to do a bridge


The batched swaps are routed through MetaMask who uses 0x as their swap aggregator to get volume and activity eligibility for the MetaMask airdrop whenever it occurs, along with generating volume and activity on both your Arbitrum and Optimism wallets to increase airdrop eligibility.

We've just released Arbitrum bot v2 in our dApp - added middle swaps, gmx swaps from ETH to DAI and then there’s a swap on 0x from DAI to USDC and then it gets deposited on the USDC straddle vault on Dopex.

We have a new partnership with Alpha Wolves DAO

Official tweet link

But what's next? We have the Optimism V2 bot coming soon, and with transaction batching and multi-wallet whitelists, Doc aims to achieve a true 'one-click' solution for Airdrop eligibility.

This list of available airdrop bots will continually grow, prioritising the most lucrative drops to be scouted. Each one available to the public via the dApp on a PPU (pay per use ETH fee) basis, where funds are then distributed among alfa.society members.


There will be two versions of the alfa.sniper bot.

The main sniper will have unparalleled functionality - sniping new pairs direct from alfa telegram channels in one-click of a button, auto-sniping based on your own customised parameters, e.g. LP locked, renounced, and much more.

The second sniper bot will be available to the public via the dApp, again on a PPU basis, again distributing the fees to alfa.society members. The functionality of this bot is not quite that of the TG Sniper combined with the channel notifications available to holders of 0.5% supply (5M $ALFA)

For more details on the alfa.sniper check out docs posts in our announcements channel on telegram channels

The is currently in its most basic form, a simple chat gated by Collab.Land for holders of 0.5% supply only. This has its merits, being totally bot free, full of like-minded investors and direct access for conversation with the developer, but this is only the beginning.

The plan is to expand on this simple chat and begin adding specific Alpha channels, such as New Token Alpha, NFT presale & whitelist Alpha, and more. These channels will contain specific, exclusive alpha forwarded from top alpha-driven communities. Each of these posts containing all relevant information alongside buttons to snipe that particular project or token.


The spoofer is going to revolutionise the way tokens launch, it instantly distributes newly launched tokens that use the spoofer to the top trading wallets on Uniswap, meaning savvy investors that track these wallets will see these new tokens held by top tier traders.

Not only that, but these tokens will also be distributed to alfa.society members wallets, meaning society members get immediate access to newly launched tokens, you could have multiple 100x tokens land in your wallet without lifting a finger.

These multiple distributions are done with such small quantities that the new token will easily achieve a 99 score on dextools for holders and transactions, and those checking etherscan will see the distribution among holders looking significantly better than a launch having not used the spoofer.

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko

Everything we have achieved so far has been under the radar of the masses, we have not yet listed on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap, however the applications are now in and these listings should be imminent.


We have secured our first partnership, we are officially partnered with Alpha Wolves DAO! They have an active Telegram and Discord brimming with calls for crypto, NFT's, Stocks and more, and 0.5% (5M $ALFA) holders will be granted access. In return holders of 2 Alpha Wolves NFT's will be granted access to our coveted

Check our their official tweet about the partnership here

There are more agreements being made behind the scenes. We plan to use the newly created alfa.key NFT's to enable these partnerships, these NFT's will grant time-limited access to the dApp and benefits of the alfa.society without being a holder, allowing promoters to verify our legitimacy and get a chance to test our utilities before sharing with their communities.. Our selected partners will be supplied additional NFT's like this to share with their communities and bring yet more eyes to alfa.society.

Check out the messages where Doc explains more in the announcements channel on telegram

And more…

There are no plans to stop after the above, more utility, more free money tools, more Alpha inflows. We want to give our members the opportunity to both increase their available capital (free money) and the best opportunity (exclusive alpha) to maximize it.

Together we buidl

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