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project updates 02.09.2023

The graphic below illustrates our full ecosystem comprising of alfa.dapp (aidropbot and walletduster), alfa.spoofer, and alfa.sniper.

Entry threshold for both the dapp (which contains airdrop bots, duster, and other utilities in the works) and the (which contains exclusive calls (such as Checks which was called during minting, a 300x almost so far, and access to partner groups) has been lowered temporarily from 5M $ALFA to 2M $ALFA.

Run-down and explanation of the feature-rich alfa.sniper (prototype available for public viewing) which will be the most user-friendly, intuitive, and by far the fastest sniper, scanner, and insta-buyer on the market View the full article here

Upcoming AMA with Chirocrypto and Crypto Fundamentals on their new “Under the Radar” Twitter Spaces.

Entry Threshold Lowered from 5M $ALFA to 2M $ALFA

The entry threshold for the alfa.dapp and has been temporarily lowered from 5M to 2M $ALFA. We will continue to monitor the value of both entry thresholds and change it on a need-be basis.

Please note that the sniper will still require a base minimum of 5M $ALFA to use, but all other utilities, exclusive chats and partner groups now only require 2M $ALFA to utilize and enter.

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