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project updates 12.20.2022

Welcome to our first news update, we plan to use this format going forward to keep you all in the loop when it comes to the latest news and project milestones for alfa.society. Official updates, announcements and news will always be posted here.

alfa.society has had a great start considering current market conditions. A successful re-launch saw us reach ATH in excess of $100k in market cap and now diamond handed members secure a good portion of the supply bringing the floor steadily higher. More importantly our first free money tool is on the horizon.

As the holiday season and new year rapidly approach, we have a lot in store for our society members. The team has big plans for alfa.society and is working hard to see our members' gifts delivered with bows on!

News and Updates

The text AMA held in the main Telegram chat is now available to read here

Four alfa.airdropbots scheduled for release -

Arbitrum, Metamask, Optimism V2, zkSYNC

Two new members joined the team to expedite new feature and utility releases

○ Front-end developer

○ Back-end developer New members will be introduced in telegram chat soon

Public GitHub repo creation in progress Release 1.0 happening soon

Release 1.0 No later than 12/23 First alfa.airdropbot (Arbitrum)

Dual gating to the dApp for the hybrid Pay-Per-Use (PPU) model as discussed in the

○ Unlimited usage forever for 0.5% alfa.society holders

○ PPU - x ETH per usage (fee is being discussed with the community in

○ ETH payments from PPU users to be distributed to members Public Github repository Other airdropbots will be patched in with this release couple of days after. We'll keep u updated

Immediate focus after Release 1.0

Acquiring partnerships and forwarding alpha from the top gated, alpha-driven communities enabling the members to multiply their gains with insider plays

Custom sniper bot development. We'll update whitepaper and provide technical details soon

The next suite of free money tools - alfa.spoofer and alfa.walletduster

We look forward to create something special for our society members.

together we buidl

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