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project updates 3/29

Hello society

We have had a tumultuous few weeks due to the upheaval of the contract migration.

However now we are now able to focus on the future, how we can move the project forward and get the most value for all of our holders.

The contract

The new contract has everything we need. We can now adjust buy/sell tax, and transfer tax independently. It's un-renounced, there is no burn, and the supply is now 100M.

The liquidity will be secured by a lengthy extended lock or burn in the next few days having monitored the new contract and corrected any issues, the team is fully committed to the alfa.society and pushing it to the heights our holders deserve, this new contract gives us the longevity we need to achieve our goals.

The utility

With the Arbitrum drop, the alfa.airdropbot has now been proven, therefore we can confidently market this product and further develop the bots. The hype around airdrops is about to hit all-time highs and we must capitalise on this. For this reason, Doc will be turning focus to a cluster of new airdrop bots including eligibility for zkSYNC, LayerZero, Shardeum, StarkNet & Orbiter as well as the highly anticipated Degencore bot We are also looking to onboard a secondary developer, once the right candidate is found Doc will be able to return focus to the big ticket utility such as the alfa.sniper & and take the society’s suite of tools to the next level.

The community

Community is a huge part of the society, we want to give each and every one of our holders the value they deserve, we have plans for more community-based utilities and opportunities for all levels of holders. We are actively developing ways for the community to engage and have their voices heard within the project. If any community members are looking to contribute more to the project feel free to reach out.


We have a working product that people want, we are building a community, we are connecting with partners but now we need to get the word out. We are alfa.society and we are - Decrypting Defi

HodlerZen has produced some fantastic new imagery to give alfa.society a facelift and also a phenomenal ecosystem roadmap giving an overview of our plans.

Watcher now has access to the official twitter account and will be pushing out daily tweets and content until such a time a social media manager can be onboarded.

We have contacts across CT and some highly regarded communities ready to help us push the society to the next level. alfa.keys will be distributed to choice communities and influencers to drive up engagement. In the coming weeks we plan to shift up a gear and we hope the community will join us in our efforts.

All funds raised by the project so far will be used toward further developing, marketing, networking and onboarding. We are in a stronger position than ever before.

Together we buidl

alfa.society ecosystem roadmap

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