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release 1.0

Today is the day. Release 1.0 is here! We apologize that we're one day short of the promised release date as mentioned in the previous update. We had to make a few adjustments at the last minute because of some unforeseen circumstances on our side but rest assured we are still kickin! Alfa.society's first Alfa.airdropbot has now launched and is available to use in our dApp Visit dApp Access to the dApp requires an $ALFA holding of 0.5% (5M) or you can Pay-per-use with only 0.05 ETH. This promotional PPU price is subject to change in the future. We will be releasing PPU functionality in our Release 1.1 by EOW next week. More details on Release 1.1 towards the end. This first bot is aimed at the Arbitrum air-drop, Arbitrum is a next generation Layer2 technology for Ethereum dApp development, (find out more on their website, and they are pegged to have a token release some time in early 2023. Arbitrum bot guide

To use the airdrop bot on the dapp, please add the Arbitrum One network by:

- going to, connecting wallet under Arbitrum One, and then clicking Add.

-after the network is added, please have .01 Ethereum in your account to use the bot on the dapp. Alfa users can capitalize on this moment by using our bot to interact with the Arbitrum chain in the following ways in just one click - Bridge ETH from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum mainnet - Create a swap on GMX - Deposit into a Dopex Straddle vault - Bridge over to Nova All this can be completed in moments using our Alfa.airdropbot… and this is only the first! Our users are going to be able to become eligible for multiple upcoming air-drops with little to no effort. The next bots in the pipeline

- Metamask - Optimism V2 - zkSYNC - More to come… No research, no chain hopping, no multitude of manual transactions. Just. One. Click. Low effort, free money. What to expect in Release 1.1 ? No later than 12/31 - PPU functionality - 2 more airdropbots - Website updates

Also, next week we'll be doing the following - - AMA - Partnerships for our 👁️ - Ongoing development on our sniper bot We'll keep you updated. Merry Christmas!

together we buidl

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